Shure Webinar: Microphone Techniques for Mobile Recording


These days, most people carry a portable recording studio in their pocket. Mobile devices and tablets have more processing power and onboard storage than most desktop computers did a short time ago. With the right app, you can record your masterpiece anywhere you choose.

With all things audio, however, your end product is only as good as your gear. The built-in microphones on most mobile phones and tablets are woefully lacking. Luckily, there are a number of great gear options available for capturing high-quality audio for a variety of applications.

Microphone Techniques for Mobile Recording

Whether you’re a podcaster, songwriter, or just looking to get better audio for your home movies, join Gino Sigismondi and Thomas Banks of Shure for an informative webinar on all things mobile recording. The webinar will feature the new Shure MOTIV™ lineup of USB/iOS-compatible microphones. You’ll learn everything from gear selection tips to techniques for capturing top-quality recordings with your mobile device.