Shure Montreux Jazz Voice Competition 2016 - Semi-Finals: Cristina Tanase


Cristina Tanase currently lives in Bucharest, Romania developing her musical project, ‘June’, which she has been working on in the past year. It blends together a mix of styles, from jazz to pop and electro swing. She’s been inspired, since early age by a range of different artists, from Etta James and Natalie Cole to Regina Spektor and Alicia Keys.
Currently she’s working on releasing her first single, “Raise Me Up”, a feel good electro swing tune, having planned a videoclip mid May. In the long run, she’s also writing and composing songs for her first album, to be finished in autumn. Additionally, she’s taking vocal and piano lessons for a better improvement of her style and creativity.
Her musical background started in 2013, when, after graduating law school she chose music as a career. Slowly, she took first steps as a young artist, playing at different venues and writing her own songs. As a defining genre, she discovered a special preference for pop/jazz songs, even soul. At the guidance of her vocal teacher, she started focusing on jazz in the past couple of years and studying it closely. Signing up for an international jazz competition was the next big step…

Her musical journey has a motto: “If music is the language of the soul, and the language of the soul is the language of God, then music is the language of God.”