Shure Vocal Mastery - Video Workshop N°7: „Gain Control"


To gain control of the voice while singing is a big topic, which many singers find difficult. But gaining control of the voice is necessary to get most out of the voice and sing accurately and consistently. Jono McNeil shows how to do it!

First of all, Jono explains that if the voice feels good it is most likely to sound good as well. But many people are used to their voice not feeling good – especially during high notes. Therefore Jono recommends engaging with what the voice feels like during each note. Is there a constriction or strain? This will have an impact on the ability to control both the fluency of the voice and the intonation. Also, being aware of what the voice feels like has a psychological effect. Knowing there is a strain or constriction is the first step to release and thereby gain control of the voice.

Apart from that, the muscles which control the breathing can cause pressure, especially during high or low notes. Ideally, these notes should feel good and balanced. Jono talks about the “breath pressure to cord closure ratio”: this means to balance the pressure between the respiratory system and the vocal chords and find the right cord closure. He shows two exercises to do so. One to help release the pressure and sing the high notes in tune and one to take the pressure of the neck. These exercises will help you get a greater sense of control of your voice.