Shure Vocal Mastery - Video Workshop N°4: „How to add personality to your voice“


As a singer, you don’t want to sound like everybody else. You want to add your own flavor to your sound and have that recall value, which makes people remember you.

In this Vocal Mastery video workshop Jono McNeil explains how to add personality to your voice and how to make it sound unique.

Inflections, cries, breathy singing and spoken fall offs - there are several methods that help singers to emotionally enrich their voice and make them sound unique. Each one of these methods has a different purpose, but they all serve to add expression and unique style to your songs.
Cries for example can help you bring ballads alive. So-called aspirate sounds or breathy singing are used to soften out verses, making them more fragile, without the need to lower the voice.
Inflections are used at the end of phrases for a clear cut, whereas spoken fall offs give a special note to a phrase – both techniques help you make your singing more memorable. But Jono McNeil not only explains the vocal techniques, he also gives vivid examples by singing well-known songs and applying the methods. Go ahead, try it yourself and add your own style and personality to your singing!