Shure Vocal Mastery - Video Workshop N°10: „Performance"


Not all singers do automatically feel comfortable on stage. Whereas many singers find it very easy to go out there and perform in front of a crowd, many others are very timid when it comes to singing for an audience. Erika Footman gives us a handful of great tips to overcome the fear of being on stage.

First of all, Erika explains that it is best to just be oneself. Try not to look on the floor, instead try and walk out on the stage, looking at the crowd and being proud of yourself. Feeling good about yourself will set you up for the show and will put the audience at ease as well. Because nobody wants to see a performer fail, the crowd wants to see you succeed! Keeping that in mind will help a lot to feel more relaxed before a performance.

The next important thing are the arms. Many singers find them clamped down or stuck next to the body, which looks kind of awkward. Erika suggests what she calls “giving a little bit of armpit”. This means to use the whole arm and the whole body during a performance. Thereby you automatically open your body and open up to the audience.
What you can also do is to use the size of the stage to run and jump around – unless you are stuck to an instrument. But of course, Erika has tips for performing with an instrument or the mic stand as well.

Performing is a very subjective thing. It is most important to feel comfortable. You can also stand in front of the mirror with your hairbrush and practice at home. Many performers have started like that. Try it out!