Shure Vocal Mastery - Video Workshop N°1: „Warm-Up“


In this first Vocal Mastery Video Workshop, Jono McNeil gives you an idea of how to properly warm up your voice. Many singers skip this underestimated, but important part, although it is crucial to make sure the voice remains smooth and relaxed and the singing comes out as desired and even gets better.
Every singer should do it every time before singing, whether it is before a rehearsal, a home recording or a live performance.

Warming up should always contain easy exercises. It should not be difficult and the voice should not be constricted in any way – as the muscle memory works really fast and the constrictions can have a bad impact on your voice and singing.
Jono starts off with what he calls “Humms” and then moves over to exercises for stabilizing the larynx. During “Humms” the mouth remains closed. If done correctly, there should be a slight buzz on the lips.
It is important not to squeeze the voice during any of the exercises. Instead, they should feel easy and forward. The jaw should be relaxed and hanging. This way, the warm up is most effective. Go ahead and try it yourself!